Cricket goes to United States

Cricket is one of the famous sports that have attracted the interest of almost everyone throughout the world. The game played with Bat and Ball has entertained the viewer since the beginning of the sport. All it needs is a team of enthusiastic players and a playground.

What interests more is the ease to play the game and the love it has gathered throughout the world since its beginning.  The United States is one of the important historical landmarks in the history of cricket. The country is again going to witness one of the most intensifying games of cricket. Two cricketing giants, India and the West Indies will take on each other in two t20’s this August.



Cricket goes to United States

One of the interesting facts is that cricket is the game that is played for more than 200 years in the USA. Well, you might also get shocked to know that the first international cricket match was played between England and XXII of united state at Hoboken, New Jersey on 3rd, 4th and 5th October in 1859. The time the first cricket match was played, since then the cricket has been growing and, it became one of the most popular games and is continuously becoming the most loving game in the world.


Cricket goes to United States

Nowadays cricket has turned up as the most loved game among every age group and in every country. With the increased enthusiasm, the game has reached the top in the list of most popular games. The game cricket has become the passion of people and has proved so much beneficial in building up national relations. Along with the entertaining sports cricket, has provided a great professional scope for the individuals. So, play, enjoy and build profession all with one game of cricket.


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