Alisha Abdullah’s Struggle to Become a Racing Champion

Alisha Abdullah’s Struggle to Become a Racing Champion

A Female Racer of Proud India

Did you hear about Alisha Abdullah, the first national female racing champion? The Chennai girl had started her training early when she was just nine years old in Go-Karting. At an early age of only thirteen years, Alisha won the MRF National Go-Karting Championship. Along with this, she took home the Best Novice Award in Formula Car Racing on a national level.

Alisha Abdullah's Struggle in Racing


About Her

She is one of the best car racers as well as a bike racer in India, only to surprise you that she even bettered the boys, breaking their record as well. All these seem so amazing to hear. But the struggle behind the success was not easy, especially in the world of male car racers alone.

Alisha’s Struggle as a Female Bike Racer

The struggle began with an 110cc bike as the 16-year- old Alisha outperformed the men with success over in numerous bike races. She managed to secure a third position in the championship twice in a 600cc bike and took set for more. But an unfortunate horrendous accident in 2010 hindered the lady’s bike racing career. Alisha said in the interview that in this male dominated sport, her stepping into car racing had immensely brought down the man’s’ ego. Thus, many drew past her bike, pushing her, one of which hit her. Even this could not break the woman’s courage mentally. With a huge come back to the playground in 2011, Alisha won the Polo Cup.

Alisha Abdullah's Struggle in Racing

Concluding Her Achievements

Alisha made a history of a first ever woman to reach the Podium in car racing. Today, she is continuing her career as a car racer, a model, an actor, and a consistent winner of Honda.

All Ladies, Bike Race.

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