Electronic Sports: The Evolving Sport

Electronic Sports: The Evolving Sport

E- Sport – The new Era of sports

Electronic sports or the e- sport comprises competitive video gaming, pro video gaming, or pro video game development. This form of sport is a competition eased by electronic arrangements, especially in video games. Human- computer interfaces intercede the input of players and teams along with the output of the e- Sports system controls. Generally, electronic Sports and these device controls take the form of an unionized, multiplayer video gaming challenges or competitions. This occurs generally between master players, but this is also open to beginners and inters level players. The most coarse video game style associated with e- Sports are among the competition level of the real -time scheme, first-person shooter or the FPS,  and multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA or fighting.

Electronic Sports: The Evolving Sport

Several Tournaments

Various Tournaments, as in The International League of Legends World Championship, the Evolution Championship Series, the Intel Extreme Masters, the Battle.net World Championship Series, etc., have led to a  live broadcasting platform for the competition. This has even earned huge trophies and salaries to the sports people.

The first video game competition was held on 19 October 1972 for the famous game, Spacewar. The prize was a subscription for one year of Rolling Stone. The Space Invaders Championship held by Atari in 1980 became the first large- scale video game competition of the United States. This connection can be received through the internet.


Ethics in Gaming

There are several ethics of these games to be followed strictly. A good etiquette has to be maintained while chatting, such as “gg” which stands for “good game” even when defeated.


Though this sport has not been globally accepted, yet this is popularizing widely and will be soon considered a true sport!

The Ball and the Bib

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