Hockey: The National Sport Lost its Fame to Cricket

Struggles in Hockey

We are all well accustomed with Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar, the masters of cricket. However, not many of us even know who Dhyan Chand and Prithipal Singh are. In the country of National sport, Hockey, these legends of Indian hockey have lost their fame. We are still not aware of the Indian hockey team. This has become the condition of our national sport which is not a national sport, officially. We are less likely to watch a game which lasts more than 20 minutes less than soccer game which longs 70 minutes. Hockey: The National Sport Lost its Fame to Cricket..

Hockey: The National Sport Lost its Fame to Cricket

The Sports Prior Degradation

In 1928, India had won its first Olympic medal for hockey, continuing this drift till 1980, winning eight gold medals in total. However, after 1980, not single hockey gold was received in India. Cricket took up the name and fame. The year 2008 became drastic when India lost in the Olympics, and in 2012, finally we got over with the gold list with 12 medals in total. Indian players were unbeatable in the game of hockey while only Pakistan could offer a competitive line.

Reasons for Change

But soon, things changed. The Federation of International Hockey changed the terms, to make synthetic Astroturf compulsory. When India lost in the 1976 Montreal Olympics, not able to manage even a bronze medal, the Indian Hockey Federation remained calm. This behaviour de-motivated the players highly and slowly the game degraded in its fame. Cricket was being promoted by the BCCI on a large scale in various arenas. But, the IHF almost stopped promoting the game in public. Even the spectators became enthusiastic in cricket and sought association with the game having more number of winning teams.



Thus the national game of Hockey degraded in its fame and superiority and cricket took over the audience.

The Ball and the Bib

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