Marcos Maidana: Legendary Argentine Boxer Retires

Marcos Maidana has announced officially that he is hanging up the gloves. He has been an unforgettable fighter, a true legend, and a fiery brawler. Not long that his tales will be told in the coming times. The fighter from Santa Fe, Argentina with the heart of a warrior gave his everything in the boxing ring.

Marcos Maidana: Legendary Argentine Boxer Retires


Among The Greatest

He is a man of few words. All the qualities that he possesses can be compared with Carlos Monzon, the greatest among the greats. He has also been a world-class fighter. However, it not about comparing the two legends or going back in the history, it is only to imply the greatness of this boxer.

  • Born: July 17, 1983 (age 33)
  • Place: Margarita, Santa Fe, Argentina
  • Height: 1.7 mtr
  • Career start: June 12, 2004
  • Career end: August 9, 2016

How He Came In the Limelight

On February 7th, 2009, he got his world title shot after a European campaign. He started to compete in North America while working with the Golden Boy Promotions. What is needed to be understood here is it is not a time to get into some kind of wrongly-suggested decisions of the management. It is a time to keep in mind that he got the right person at the right time. His representation was taken over by Sebastian Contursi and it helped him in reaching the next level.

His Dedication and Achievements

Also, Marcos did his part. He brought rock solid punches, explosiveness, a giant heart, a steel jaw and the perseverance of a real warrior. Later on, all the remaining work was done by his challenges with the opponents. The key moment in his career was the great competitive fight with Victor Ortiz for the WVA jr. Welterweight title interim in June 2009.


As a result, it was one whole era with him. Marcos Maidana will surely have a special chapter in the history of Argentine boxing. He will be named as the ‘warrior of all’ in it, undoubtedly.

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