The Ball and the Bib

Netball: The Old Basketball

The Ball and the Bib, Netball is a game played with a ball by two teams each consisting of seven players. This game began in England somewhere in the 1890s. This game is an older version of basketball. Netball is popularly played in Commonwealth nations. It is mostly played by women. This game is also enjoyed a lot in schools.

About the Game

The aim is clearly to score more than the other team. This can be done when a team member whose position is in the shooting circle throws a ball through the goal ring of the team’s allotted goal ring. This game has four 15 minutes quarters. Netball is an outdoor as well as an indoor game.


Rules of the Game

Netball is played by two teams and each team must have seven players. All the seven players are allotted a certain position and they cannot move out of a specific area around that position. Each player wears a bib that indicates their position and team. Every position has one player from both the teams. There are two shooting circles one for each team. In every shooting circle, there are two people placed to attack and defend their goal posts. The game starts from the centre of the game. The ball is then passed from the centre position to other positions and finally to the goal post.


Variants of the Game

There are many different styles made to play this game. There are different styles to play indoor netball. One is a seven per side version called action netball, another is a six per side version and there is also a five per side game. Fast5 is also one of the versions of netball to make the game faster. Netball has been modified to suit school children’s need too.



Netball is one of the games that are commonly enjoyed worldwide. There are also many competitions for this game like World Netball Championship and even Olympics conducts netball competitions.

The Ball and the Bib

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